We lucked out with getting to see a Vagabond here for “comparison sake” before she’s been put on the market.  We realized pretty quickly that we actually liked the layout of the boat in spite of the potential massive amount of work to change out the current fuel and water tanks.  So,,,on Saturday our crack broker,,,,Clark Hardy with Yachtfinders/Windseakers was able to get us an appointment to see another Vagabond 47 for sale here in San Diego,,,and we took the entire family to go see her.  So, we went on board this boat on Saturday morning and she’s in decent shape with older electronics and a few other things that need a bit of work.  For comparison sake, both Vagabond’s we’ve looked at are exactly the same model year (1984) and both are ketch rigs.   But, as with many Taiwan boats of a certain age, same year boats don’t mean they mirror each other at all even though they are considered production boats of the same year,,,,cause they don’t.

For example, take a look at the “V” Berths from each boat in the pics below:

“V” Berth from the boat we looked at Saturday that’s on Yachtworld and is for sale now
Front Berth, a Pullman, not a V-Berth as expected; on the Vagabond that’s not yet on the market

Now take a look at the “Owners Suite” berth in the pirate stern:

Owners berth in the boat we toured Saturday that’s on sale on Yachtworld
The Master Berth with Pirate Ship Windows in the Stern,,,,bitchin,,,first boat we toured that’s not on sale yet-

Take a look at the links below for more pics of the outside and inside and tell us what you think?  We know that one boat needs new tanks (big job) but has nice teak decks and the other boat has newer tanks but it’s deck is in need of work or re-decking.



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