Maritime Treasure at a local boatyard

I like boatyards.  Every boat is there for a reason and it means someone cares enough to spend the money to get that boat fixed, repaired or upgraded.  There’s no two ways about it,,,,you never know what you might find in a boatyard.  Friday (Veterans Day) I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of hours in a great boatyard in National City, California.  This one was an actual working boatyard but you could easily look at it and also say it was a shipyard,,,,,cause it also had ships in it.  As I was wondering around,  looking for the free food that the boatyard generously offered us for lunch, I came upon a piece of wooden nautical history, out of the water and showing off her fine lines for everyone to admire.

This is an original wooden pilot-boat from the Maritime Museum of San Diego getting recaulked and renewed inside the giant hangar at the shipyard.  Five minutes after shooting this pic, I was tucked into a fresh subway sandwich that the yard had offered and we took them up on.  See the link below for some of the other ships that you can see at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

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