Wyland Painting on an America’s Cup Boat?

How often do you get to see an America’s Cup Boat out of the water?  Or,,,,how often do most of us get to see original Wyland Art?  How about all at once,,,at a local boatyard?

Disclaimer:  I have no actual 100% proof this is art by Wyland, but it’s signed and looks like it to me, so I’m gonna show you and let you decide.  Regardless, it looked really, really cool so I took some pictures and want to show you what both an America’s Cup boat looks like out of water and what a boat painted by Wyland looks like.

Not much keel under this boat, but she’s a former America’s Cup Contender or practice boat

Look closely behind the sharks tail and you’ll see the Wyland Signature

LiveFree2SailFast still loves sailing, boats and adventure travel.  I was out sailing on Veterans Day on Tulum IV and we got her to 7.2 knots in 15 knots of wind,,,,she was truckin!  Stay with us, follow us as we continue our adventures.


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