Paradise for a sailboat might be sitting at a boatyard, waiting on repairs.  Saturday we went to check out the Vagabond 47 in an earlier post,,,,here’s the link:

I was prepared for a boat that needed some work,,,,but this one needs some work.  There’s no dodger, no mizzen boom, no mizzen sail, no dinghy, the davits are trashed and the boat still has it’s original black iron tanks.  Soooo, this means all the tanks on the boat will need to get removed and replaced with either aluminum or plastic tanks or you have a floating time-bomb waiting to happen.  And,,,,it will happen, probably at the worst possible moment,,,,so you want to have the tanks replaced.  Aside from all this, me and hot wife did actually like the layout of the boat and the teak decks looked really good and solid.  I took some pictures of the highlights of the inside of the boat,,,,here you go:

Main Ladderwell
Front Berth, a Pullman, not a V-Berth as expected
Nice Chart Table
VHF and HF Radios
Original Panel, wait till you see the back-
I expected a rat’s nest, but when opened it looks like this, pretty professional and clean
Nice Accessible Engine Room
Surprise, the boat has a watermaker!
Walk-Through Galley on the way to the Master Berth
Master Berth with Pirate Ship Windows in the Stern,,,,bitchin

Got questions on the Vagabond 47,,,,or the Hunter 460 or many other boats,,,I might be able to help, let me know.  We’re here as a resource for you!

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