We get to go take a look at a Vagabond 47 tomorrow afternoon before she goes on sale in San Diego.  See, we gotta keep up on our research “cred” as sailing and cruising blog.  She’s ultra salty and I love the pirate ship lines, but looks like she might need some upgrades and gear.  As long the price stay low, she might be worth it to someone with time to fix her up and a pirate like outlook on life!   Here’s some initial pictures a friend sent me:

If you study some of the pics, you’re going to see some things that trick you’re eyes, but they’re real.  Yep, looks like there’s a bit of damage to some of the sails, sail covers and canvas.  That’s ok,,,,that’s easy stuff to fix for a price.  The decks look great and the rest of the boat we’ll see tomorrow.

Stay Salty and Stay with us,,,,we’re working on big things right now that we’ll update you on over the weekend.

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