Baha Ha-ha 2017 in San Diego

Today at 11am,,,,another Baha Haha will kick-off with over 154 boats signed up as of early October.   The Fever for this caught me in 2014 when my parents were at the HaHa goings-on; giving talks about their circumnavigation and selling their books at the events.  We bought Tulum a year later and I’ve been waiting to get into the event myself, but we’ll wait a few more years (retirement).  If you’ve never checked out the site, it’s got lots of good info and you might catch the fever too.

Just down from Tulum on our dock is this pretty lady, taking off Monday morning at 0500 to get fuel then onto the Ha-Ha.  We wish them all good luck-

And, if you’re in San Diego and want to go check it out or think you might want to do it next year, here’s the event map that most boats will take through San Diego on their way out of the harbor:


One thought on “Baha Ha-ha 2017 in San Diego

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