They say great bloggers are very consistent, but these two weeks my posts have been sporadic and I’ve been working hard.  All this work was done either because my wife was home or I knocked it out after a full day of work.

BEFORE I painted it! Looking South
AFTER Paint, Looking South
BEFORE- Leach Line and Sewer Tank getting inspected-
AFTER- Tank Fully Certified
Pool Safety Fence after getting eaten by Mastiff
New GFCI Plugs after Mastiff Ate them off the wall
Concrete Sealer Applied
Concrete Repainted, two coats!
Outdoor Fireplace Cleaned
22 Foot Tree Stump taken down with my Dad’s help,,,,Quincy photobombed me in this pic
Deckhands helping paint the pool deck!

Ok, I have not posted on a regular basis so now I’m back and will work to get back on my regular schedule.  Thanks for sticking with us!

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