Yep, this was a busy weekend and the upcoming week will be busier.

We continue to work toward getting our house on the market; which is driving the work.  But,,,,being who we are, we play hard too.  Busy weekend: Got to get off the dock and get out sailing (FAST IS FUN); was invited to a 7-course wine and food pairing (dinner party)  where I felt a bit like the “hick from the sticks” and came home to have my new paint gun “explode” a bit (connection to the hose wasn’t tightened like it should have been”.  So,,,white paint is pretty much everywhere.

After I got the broken Fitbit cleaned up again, it says I did 16,145 steps today for a total of 6.88 miles.  Not bad for a day with no scheduled physical training.  I’ll enlighten you with all these stories as well as pics of the work we’re doing on the house this week.  It goes on sale about November 7th.  If it doesn’t sell by mid-December, we’ll take it off the market, put it back on the market in the spring.  This is a HUGE step in our journey toward starting to get ready for cruising,,,,,as it means no more house payments, home and flood insurance payments or property taxes,,,,and we can start to downsize our stuff (we’re doing that now,,,slowly).  I love all this,,,,,cause I like to simplify whenever possible and realize this is a good means toward our end (cruising).  So, with white paint on my hands still and all over my Fitbit,,,,I’m signing off, but will be back this week with pics and stories from this weekend and this week.

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