Local Piercing and Tattoo Shop Recommendations-

My daughter recently turned 8, so we took her to get her first earrings and piercing.  Great experience at a pro shop.  Knowing that the 18-year old with the piercing gun at the local mall shop wasn’t my favorite choice, we went to a local shop in San Diego that does lots of piercing and tattooing,,,,and were not disappointed.  Professional, clean and friendly, I’d go back.  SD Tattoo in San Diego,,,,check them out for yourself and if you need to be pierced, see Doctor Kev!

Now like most of you, there’s more to me than meets the eye.  I recently added more ink; but went with a recommendation I received awhile back from a friend and decided to have an artist who specialized in black and white help me with my new ink.  I was glad I did, as it turned out really good.  Nick from Black Filigree Tattoo in San Marcos did excellent work at a good price.  This place has a great website,,but you realize all the hype ends at the door, cause you better come to be tattooed,,,as that’s what they do!  The shop was clean, smelled good and Nick is good at what he does.  The linework on my new ink is crisp and clean (I like that) and it’s simple black.  I don’t have too much ink but I’m a decent judge of it,,,,and this shop rocked.  I would go back for another tattoo here.

We’re working on selling our house and upgrading the living conditions on the boat,,,,more about that coming up. Stick with us-

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