I didn’t workout today but got a lot of work done,,,,which reflected on my Fitbit.

I prepped the house for some touch up painting today, worked on getting the pool deck ready for paint and tried to clear up lots of miscellaneous projects I should have done 5 years ago to make the house better, but just getting around to it as we get ready to sell it.

So, the Fitbit says 16,671 steps with a total mileage of 7.09.  Not bad for a day with no running, just climbing ladders and working on miscellaneous projects.

Yes, we’re really doing it.  Our house goes on sale on 07 November.  Probably won’t sell this season so we’ll put it on sale again in late March for the spring season.  Gotta sell it so we can move on with our non-formalized plan, which entails retirement, moving to the boat and starting to get ready for our trip with a known timeline.  Can’t really do all that with a house payment while trying to be retired and take care of my girls,,,,so we’re putting it up for sale.

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