Hi,,,,after cutting down trees over the weekend, hitting the rowing machines Tuesday for the first time and then reminding my body that I can actually run/jog on Weds, I was back in the gym today.  The air quality up here sucked today.  The smoke from the fire in Orange County was blowing directly up here and I decided I had no desire to run in all that haze and smoke.  I was also feeling a bit peckish and like a bit of a fraud because the kids have been wearing me out more than my workouts,,,,so I hit the gym again.  Right off the bat, I hit the rowing machine for another go at it.  Resistance is always turned all the way up for my workouts (10) and I am working toward the 5000 Meter Goal. Last time I did 2000 meters in 9 minutes.  Today I pushed hard and did 2500 meters in approx 13 minutes, which I’m ok with.  I guess that was my only workout, but I knew I needed Fitbit mileage, tried to walk.  Ended up with 13,190 steps and 5.65 miles on the Fitbit total.  Hoping the smoke clears tomorrow so I can knock out a long, slow run, hopefully 5 miles.  This will be one of my last weekends to work on our house to get it ready for sale; it goes on sale on 07 November, but I don’t expect it to sell until the spring time when more people are in the area in buying moods.   And,,,I have not been able to go to the boat for several weeks and am feeling very caged in,,,,but that’s part of this life.  I retire in July of 2018 and won’t worry about all this after that.


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