Ugghhhh, sore today.  I intended to do 3.5 miles today on a good run but only made 2.68 at an approx 11 minute pace.  But, the Fitbit for today says 15,383 steps and 6.91 miles total.  Waaay under my goal of 9 miles per day but I’m working on it.

Moon over my Cockpit

October Moon over Tulum IV’s Cockpit-   Don’t forget,,,,it’s not too late to get one of these shirts and help a great cause- 

From WindTraveler- One Family’s Thoughts on Life after Irma

This family had most of their material possessions destroyed by Irma in the BVI’s along with their business, which was four charter catamarans that they ran a growing day charter business on.  My heart goes out to them because they were raising their children on the sailboat they used to live on (she sank during […]