I learned today that two of the folks I work with have immediate family in Puerto Rico they cannot communicate with and may have lost their family homes.  Two weeks ago when I spent the week sailing there was a young lady whose whole family was on the island, without her knowing their fate.  We’ve been to the island several times and it was a great experience.  Same with the British Virgin Islands- what an experience and a cast of characters.  Although we’re a small blog, I’m going to use this space to bring you some of the actual real people trying to tell the stories of what’s happening down there.  Most of it is from the heart and can be emotional.  Several of these stories are “Pressed” or Reblogged but I’m past caring if this is a bad technique for a blogger to use.  These stories touched me and need to be told.  Please feel free to share them yourselves or reblog them as much as you want, as the more attention can be brought to the conditions in the area, the more folks will listen.

Here’s how it used to look:

From all the reports I’m reading, the BVI is starting to rebuild, but Puerto Rico is slow to get aid distributed.  It’s a work in progress.

For those of you who actually read this far in the post and may be thinking of still going to the BVI,,,,GO.  Your tourist dollars are the best source of income the islands have and they will bend over backwards to make your stay awesome.  Go and make sure you support the islands by a simple thanks or perhaps by buying a t-shirt- see below-

(All photos courtesy of our roving travel reporter,,,,Mistress Emmy)

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