This story is re-blogged from the Opinionated Man Website, but I think it’s totally relevant and should be read because of his unique perspective.  Jason is a American military veteran of Korean Heritage who writes to a large audience on his own blog, and these are his perspectives, in a very well written piece.  There’s so much in this post that I had to read it twice to get perspective, just as I often read pieces in more serious publications several times to make sure I understand the piece.  Give it a read and consider taking a look at his website if you haven’t already.

I am going to try and write this not as a Korean American adoptee. I am going to write this from a different perspective than a vet that was trained as a maintainer. I will try to address this as if I were not an American that loves the people of Korea and the United […]

While stories like this are out of my usual niche of sailing and adventure travel, I felt I needed to reblog this for overall perspective of the world and the current instability that’s effecting us on multiple fronts.

via Why North Korea is a Serious Issue — HarsH ReaLiTy

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