My posts have been a little slow because I was out sailing all of last week and this week I’m back to working full time, acting the part of a single parent (except I’m happily married to hot wife but she lives and works 3 hours away), trying to keep the house semi-clean and the kids full of semi-healthy nutritional food.  I made the mistake once of telling friends I was baby-sitting,,,,but they laughed at me and said that it was called parenting instead.  No excuses, I’m trying to do better at all this and have resumed my guest posting on as well as my own stories here.  Lots of things to work through on here:

  1. The week on the water with Warrior Sailing
  2. How to start to put together a bareboat trip and keep your friends
  3. Upgrades to Tulum IV- happening right now
  4. How to prep a Catalina 22 for sailing
  5. My review and pictures of and Nautical Warehouse

More in the coming week.  Have a good night/day,,,,,stick with us-


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