When’s the last time you thought about how clean your boat water tanks were?

Honestly,,,most of us don’t worry about the plastic or aluminum water tanks on our boats,,,,,cause what could be in them?   Ok,,,,,be very, very afraid,,,,since after this post you might be forced to actually look in your tanks,,,,or even cut them open to clean them like I just did!  I’m still having dreams about those damn dirty tanks.  In another post earlier this year, I told you that even though Tulum IV is for sale,,,,my OCD doesn’t allow me to ever stop improving and working on her to make her better.  So for the last few weekends, I’ve been devising plans to open up two of my water tanks at a time; putting view ports and new tank sensors in them and cleaning and sanitize them.  Mission complete.  I’ve finished two of my four water tanks,,,,and what I found in them was nasty!  Prior to working on the tanks, I’m not sure they’ve been cleaned since installation.  There was slime, dirt, particulate, solids and other stuff in the tanks.  But when I was done, there were clean dry tanks with 4-inch opening view ports for access and new tank sensors, all professionally installed.

Take a look by photo essay below:

First, have you ever seen how thick your plastic water tanks are?  Take a look at a core from the top of my tank-

Using a drill, we drilled out these cores on both tanks to install the 4-inch view ports with removable openings,,,,ya know the view port things-

After getting the view ports installed, we started to see what was in the tanks,,,and the cleaning started.  We used the trusty Zep Mildew and Stain Remover,,,,which is probably bleach and simple green mixed together,,,smelled like it.  Here’s what was in the tanks and is probably in your tanks if you have not cleaned them in the last couple years:

Bottom of tank 2
Love the wide angle lenses,,,inside of tank 1

After a full cleaning and double rinse, I installed the a new tank sensor on one tank and made sure the other sensor was working:

Old Tank Sensor, not working
New Tank Sensor, working very well

Lastly, we finished up by testing both tank sensors and making sure both tanks were squeaky clean and sparkly, putting the boat back together like new.

Yep, we work on them, sail them, play on them and raise our family on our boat when we’re there.  Love to adventure travel, sail and cruise, stick with us,,,,we love living free and sailing fast!


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