Knowing that I’ve sailed larger boats the last few years, I took last Saturday and this coming Saturday to return to my home sailing school to sail small boats again, in preparation for helping Warrior Sailing next week.  This post is my notes to myself for rigging and docking the Capri 16.5.

1.  Rig the rudder first-  this helps stabilize the boat while you’re doing the rest:

Pay special attention to that metal clip, it’s gotta be in that position to work

2.  Loosen the traveler to allow the tiller to come under it:

3.  Take off the Sailcover

4.  Rig the Main:

  This to the Main
That sheet attached to the top of the sail, just like on a big boat!

5.  Allow the sail to luff before raising it:

Let this loose to allow the sail to luff

6.  Raise Sail:

7.  Move all the rest of the control lines back so you can reach them from the tiller or from the midpoint of the boat if you are using the tiller extension:

8.  From the dock I was on (and preferably with a partner), kick the bow of the boat off the dock first and hop in.  Now the bow should be heading away from shore,,,,and you have enough wind to get moving.  Raise the Jib when comfortable,,,,and go sailing.

The reward,,,,,a ship and a star to steer her by!

9.  Coming back to the dock, allow the sail to luff as you’re trying to dock,,,,easier if you have someone who can take the bow and stern painters.  Without this help,,,,,don’t get out of the boat until you’ve tied yourself to the dock,,,,securely.  Especially while your old sailing instructor is sitting above you eating lunch with his wife,,,,,watching you flail around trying to keep the damn boat on the dock.

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