Although re-blogged, I don’t care,,,,cause when I read this post from the Kristine Simelda blog,,,,it sounded alot like how my parents would say the same thing.  A great story from a resilient and eloquent writer who’s in the middle of the hurricane zone, now.

After living in the Caribbean for almost twenty-five years, I have to admit that I have become a fatalist when it comes to hurricanes. The fact that Hurricane Irma didn’t behave according to previous models didn’t alarm me like it did some of my expat island friends. While they ran around securing their fancy glass […]

via GO FIGURE — Kristine Simelda

This blog is following the hurricanes and our hearts and prayers go out to those in the way of the hurricane.  Hopefully you’re having one hell of a Hurricane Party with some boat drinks as it passes safely overhead.

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