As much time as I’ve spent traveling and living in Baja California, I like Mexican food a lot.  The food you eat in different places is a reflection of the culture and people around you.  We learned early on to avoid places the tourists eat,,,,,cause those places often have sub-standard refrigeration and the food often sits for longer than needed, with few health regulations.   But smaller busier food stands with just a cooler for refrigeration have lots faster food turnover and the food is cooked in front of you.  This style of food is often safer, cause you get to see it cooked and the vendors often know you’ll come back, they want you to fill up and not get sick.  Even as a kid, I never got sick anywhere in Central America because of food,,,,until we ate at tourist resorts.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill is a San Diego creation of a local surfer who loved the food he ate on surfing trips to Baja, so he brought it back to San Diego.  The idea has since spread into multiple restaurants; but the original in Pacific Beach, San Diego California is still there.  Yesterday I was able to grab some food there and appreciate the original site for how it looked 30 years ago and how it looks today,,,,,pretty much the same.  Here’s some pics for you to appreciate and perhaps savor, especially if you miss your Rubio’s!

Original Rubio’s sign and pickup window
Restaurant looking toward outdoor patio seating area,,,that’s all there is to the whole thing except for kitchen.

Next time you’re in Pacific Beach, San Diego California, make sure to come check to the  original Rubio’s Coastal Grill, grab a perfect fish taco and slow down enough to appreciate the food culture of Baja captured in some of the dishes that Rubio’s serves.

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