Spearfruit passed several days ago and I miss his writings already.  This is the first person I’ve met that I miss without ever meeting him.  As a new blogger and writer, I followed his blog and I believe he followed mine as a pity follow, but I appreciated it.  I often found powerful grace in his self-less writing as he approached his own cancer and mortality.  The writing was powerful and poignant  to a point you could feel what was going on in his life and his struggle with the demon that would eventually take his body, but never his spirit.  This was his powerful message till the end:  Even when his body was wasting away in hospital and hospice, he was able to continue to write,,,,to show you that his spirit and intelligence was still around and in place.  This IS the freedom and platform that writing and blogging give you,,,,people like me could tell that he was still around,,,,his mind was still sharp and witty and dealing with his struggle.  I’ll miss his writings-

Spearfruit, may you have Fair Winds and Following Seas-

Written in earnest by LifeFree2SailFast-

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    1. Thanks Kerry. I know blogging takes a bit of yourself so indeed it was nice to get to know Terry. I meant what I said about his grace during these last few months, I hope I can emulate that someday.

  1. Sorry to hear he passed. I doubt it was a pity follow, he seemed completely genuine. I followed his blog for quite a while when I started blogging 2 years ago. Loved his posts about 70’s music. Bet you will miss him.

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