Good morning.  For the last couple weekends I’ve been here and sometimes while my wife’s been here, we’ve been working on various projects to completely tighten up the boat.  “What do I mean why this”?   I mean,,,we’ve been doing the little things here and there that are left to do,,,,as the boat is still for sale.  We want to sell her for the simple reason that we think we need more space.  We’re living with what we have for now, but a bit more space for our growing family would be a Godsend.  All of the projects we’re doing will help sell the boat, and with my own “thing” with constant improvement, I have to continually make the boat better, healthier and in better shape as we continue to keep her up for sale.   Here’s where we were two weeks ago as I cleaned bilges, traced various pipes and checked the hot water heater in detail:

And here’s how she looks normally, all put together again:

I’m not sure a used boat is ever going to be perfect.  But as long as you give a crap about your boat and constantly work to make her a better boat and a better place to live, you’re GOING to make the boat better.  It doesn’t take much money and it doesn’t take a lot of skill (if I can do it,,,,so can you), but it does take some “give a crap”.

We’re,,,,,and we’re  still planning to leave for extended blue water cruising in the next few years,,,,in the meantime we’ll continue to adventure travel with family in the meantime.

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