When I was younger and didn’t have a career path, I ended up in Texas for several years.  I lived in Brenham, Texas for a year or so, then moved to Katy (outside of Houston) while I worked at Whole Earth Provision Company, on Woodway and Voss.  Those were interesting years.  I lived and breathed expensive mountaineering and climbing gear and did some testing for Mountain Hardware, getting to some of the “14’ers” in the Lower 48 and getting a chance to get most of the way up Denali.  One of my quests in those days was the highest point in every US state,,,I did pretty good, getting about 24 states before a full-time,,,,steady job found me.  Those were the times,,,I worked, partied and climbed a lot.  Just not in that order.  I was a bit lost for a few years back then, but Houston was forgiving and I survived.  I still have some of the spirit tokens given to me by my friends from the store when I left, several are here in the house and are favorite possessions.  A guy named Bobby Winters painted me a small, poignant painting that’s on my dressing,,,but I think he left Houston for Austin the year I left,,,,,not sure if he’s even still around or not.  Would LOVE to see how he is and spend an hour talking to him again.  Houston was good to me and I hate to see the scenes coming out of there like I’ve seen on the news.

Please keep these folks in mind as we go forward,,,,,easy to sit here and armchair quarterback.   Someone I work with right now has family right on the Texas Coast,,,I pray they’re all doing well and I hope all of you are doing well too.

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