Wanna be here,,,,but can’t afford it? Read on-
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Wanna be on a beach like this but you’re stuck in your own shitty existence somewhere,,,read on and maybe I can help.

In this blog post that goes into my “Financing your cruising” category, I’m going to have a straightforward discussion with you about one easy way to make money for cruising, without doing much.   Yep,,,,,that statement alone should take this post viral but it won’t,,,,so if just 2-3 of you read this and apply the easy knowledge I’m going to pass, it’s a win,,,,,cause you’ll make some money for cruising without doing much.  Disclaimer:  Before you read the rest,,,you gotta know that I’m NOT a Certified Financial Planner, millionaire, stock broker, financial savant and I don’t have any professional financial certifications.  I have never lost money doing what I’m about to discuss in this blog,,,,but it doesn’t mean you might not.  

Ok, my disclaimer might have put you in a trance, but it’s time to wake up and realize this might be decent advice.  I’ve got some tried and true ways to start making money for your boat trip, but today I’m discussing “dividends”.  Don’t go all bored and stop reading at this point,,,,cause this is big boy and girl stuff and not boring,,,,,especially if I can make you some money:

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To some, dividends are boring old things that your parents or grandpa talked about while they threw around words like blue chip and annual percentage rate,,,but dividends that are frequent and large enough to possibly give you some extra cash for your boat trip should snap you out of that trance.  I’m a proponent of Warren Buffett and his advice,,,”like buying stock in things that you know about” and I’ve done that.  As I continued to buy stocks in things I knew about; the blue chip kind of stocks, I noticed that I wasn’t making a lot of money with their lower dividends but those stocks also didn’t move around a lot (stable).  I don’t really care how much stocks move around on the market, but I’m a huge proponent of their dividends.  I look for stable stocks with high paying dividends from strong companies with proven track records.  This is the same kind of drivel you’ll get from thousands of websites and books out there today,,,,except I actually literally put my money where my mouth is and do the buying and selling,,,,,with my own money.  This is different from most of the others I’ve read,,,,,cause they’re not working with their own money and they’re not working on that level of risk,,,but I am.  I don’t have a lot of money to lose,,,,so I want stocks that pay high dividends and have stability.  If I’m putting money into something, I want it to work for me,,,,without doing much.  That’s the focus of today’s blog post,,,,how I can I buy stock that will work for me, stay pretty stable and give continually high dividends?  The key is finding stable stocks that pay high dividends and you’ve set up your account so that those dividends roll back into your account, continually compounding what you already own.  As your account compounds,,,,you make more and more money.  Then,,,,,,when you’re ready to cruise or take your extended trip  or retire, you change your account so those same dividends start dropping into your checking account,,,,,meaning you’re paying yourself!!  At this point,,,,some of you are ready to stop reading,,,,,you’re all like,,,,,,”this guy thinks we’re all rich” when I can hardly pay my bills and can’t afford this stock thing.   Read on-

Most of us don’t know how much money we actually make or what we spend it on! Most of us CAN afford to start investing at an entry-level cost,,,but are scared to try, especially since you think you’re not too smart on the “stock market” so you might lose that money.  And honestly,,,,you might lose that money,,,,it’s true.  But you’ve got a MUCH better chance to make money and not lose it than if you go to Vegas; and entry into the stock market for a dividend bearing stock can be had for the cost of that “12-pack” that you just picked up from 7-11.  So why not give it a try?

One of the best kinds of stocks I’ve found to pull off the equation of a stable stock with high dividends and monthly, quarterly or bi-annual payments is in the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) stock portion of the market.  You can find REITs for most any section of the economy but some are better than others.  If you think about REIT’s, please be careful to research the industry the REIT supports,,,,so that you can make sure the overall industry is solid and strong.  I have found REITS that have done better than others, but there’s a trick to this.  REIT’s that are more stable and pay more often tend to have higher stock prices (look at Reality Income) while others that are younger, less stable or pay less often may be a less expensive stock but have a riskier overall health.  I won’t get into a stock by stock discussion, but you get the point.

Lots of other stocks besides REITS pay dividends quarterly or on a bi-annual basis, but I like to look at stocks that pay monthly, try to never decrease their payout and are low enough in price I can buy lots of them,,,,,so the dividends can accrue faster.  I also look at developing industries with low-priced stocks and newly established dividends, because I can scoop up penny stocks at low prices and hope they grow without risking too much money.

The key idea to this whole post is to get low risk, high dividend paying stocks and let them work for you.  Set your stock account online so the dividends roll back into buying more of the same stock,,,,so it accrues without you doing a thing.  Let it drip back into your stock account and don’t touch it,,,,making sure it’s NOT in an investment type account if you’re going to use it prior to turning age 63 or if you’re going to use it in the next 5-10 years.  When you get ready for that big trip around the Great Loop or into parts unknown,,,,,turn the dividends around and let them start dropping into your checking account.  “Viola” you now have a small drip of continued funding into your checking or savings account that you don’t have to work for,,,,,cause you’ve let it accrue as you worked your butt off for this trip.

WHAT,,,,you don’t have a lot of money????  Today,,,you can buy a piece of a mid-size mortgage company at the top portion of its 52 week range for $17.22 per share that pays a 10.84% yield,,,,or you could buy a piece of a REIT for $11.81 per share that pays 9% monthly,,,,or you could buy a VERY secure stock in a more expensive REIT for about $56 dollars per share and a 5% dividend,,,,also paid monthly.  My point is that you can gain entry into the stock market and the world of dividends for less than that “12-pack” you may have bought for the weekend,,,,it’s your decision.

And,,this dividend advice may be the difference between where you are now,,,,,and where I want to be:

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Lastly, my advice is backed up by an article in Kiplingers Magazine, September 2017 issue entitled “How to make a Million“.   Within the article, on page 29 of the magazine, it details “Channeling Warren Buffett” and two of his ideas for building wealth.  One of them is buying stock long-term and “plowing every penny of dividend income and capital gains back into the market”.

Another Disclaimer: I have no financial interest of mentioning the names of the companies in this magazine and get nothing out of it but hopefully you do.

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