Yesterday the blog hit a new milestone with our 100th follower; quickly followed by 101 and 102.  Thanks.

Followers are important whether bloggers admit it or not,,,,but so are views, likes or another other metrics important to you as a writer and blogger.  Important to me?  What’s important to me is quality content that tells a story or provides good info and the fact that folks are looking at it.  I don’t have any political, national or economic agenda’s except to grow the blog in anticipation of our own Bluewater cruising trip on our own boat with our kids (it should be a circus).  Yes,,,,the blog is monetized for traffic that may come through eventually but so far I seem to be missing those days when 500-5000 people come through the blog and WordPress throws money at me.   And,,,,that’s OK.  I’m stoked that anyone out there actually takes the time to read the things I write and put out then they may or may not choose to interact with me.  The interaction is cool.  I like it, but I want to keep publishing relevant material whether I have followers, views ect.  I’ve read several different viewpoints about content following viewer trends to keep a blog relevant and then I read stuff from the Opinionated Man blog that says he writes what he wants,,,,and his blog is large and seems to be growing.  On the blog side, I like the info that Jason from Opinionated Man writes about blogging (its common sense) and on the content side I like what I put out.  We don’t always have adventures on Mt. Everest, down the Mariana’s Trench or riding our motorcycles down Baja in life,,,,,sometimes life is the adventure you make it wherever you go,,,,,so that’s what I write about in general.  I’ve had those kind of rip-roaring adventures and many people who I know have also had them (like the guy who helped me design this blog and many of my followers); but I don’t always want to showcase those things,,,,,cause I’m not doing them full-time.  Full time,,,,I work,,,,,cause I need to eat and pay for a sailboat and a house and two small children who eat lots of snackies.  However, I also get to go do LOTS of cool stuff that is pretty neat to be able to share via this blog,,,,,and you should tell ALL your friends to come follow it so I can hit another milestone very soon,,,,,,,my 1000 follower would be very cool.

Also, we have some very, very talented people who follow this blog.  It might be a great way to tap into some expert knowledge sometime if you need it, pretty cool for me to see all of the eclectic people and careers that have gravitated or somehow found this blog,,,,,keep it up.

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  1. Everyone has a reason for their blog, a driving force that compels them to write another post or present another picture. As you know this is my second blog, a rebirth of sorts. The one thing I have found is you must write from the heart, whatever direction that takes you, and followers will come. Most people like real!

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