Good Morning:

Me, the wife and the kids were down on the docks a few weeks ago at Shelter Island boatyard looking at another boat when I saw this Peterson 44.   She’s a boat I’ve been on before when she was listed with another broker and have written a post about already.  She’s a steady cruiser at a great price that would be a great boat for someone who wanted to do some Bluewater cruising.  No offense to anyone, but keep in mind she’s not a classic Kelly Peterson 44 (cause she wasn’t built at Qween Long Marine) but aside from that she looks pretty close.

When I saw this stern profile again from the docks, I was taken back to Tulum III.  My parents circumnavigated a Kelly Peterson 44 around the world in approx. 18 years and they swear these are the best Bluewater boats on the planet, and they’re sometimes hard to find on the West Coast.

If you want to read more about her or see the rest of my pics from inside her, take look at this post I’ve already written:  or hit the link above to see the pics from the broker.

(I even called it a Kelly Peterson, but I don’t think it is).

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