This is a nearly $1 million dollar boat,,,,,and they let me on it!  They may have known that I write for one of the top 40 Sailing Blogs on the internet or they saw how ridiculous handsome I am,,,,,(except neither of these things are really true),,,,so I was simply another potential customer.

So, this is a 2017 Aquila 44 Powerboat,,,,and she’s sweet.  MarineMax is actually a publicly traded company that has “stores” (brokerages) all over the US and sells boats and provides rentals and bareboat in places,,,like the BVI.  I like this, pretty cool.  But, on this boat Saturday afternoon after I had been in the bilges all day,,,,it was sweet to have a free cold Margarita put in my hand and have the nice sales lady give me a full tour.  When hot wife showed up, we got a better tour and were able to discuss the bareboat opportunities in the BVI.  Of course,,,,,all of this was in the name of blog research (that got me another free drink) and I had a fun time doing it.

Here’s a few more pics of this good-looking boat:

Salon, looking toward the FULL beam Master Suite and private head.
This isn’t the Master. This is one of the two queen sized guest suites. It’s larger than the Master on my sailboat!
Umm, that’s not a real fish but that is a real barbeque up on the fly bridge of this boat.
Great Control Spaces up on the flybridge
So cool, you can get to the bow down the flybridge ladder well and it gives you great visibility.
There were three powerboats,,,,so we went on this one too, a 40 footer for less than the powercat,,,,this one was only in the $700’s.

Overall, I was impressed with how the sales folks treated us poor sailboaters and I liked the powercat.  And,,,,they take trade-in’s and say they have in-house financing.  Almost sounds interesting,,,,,,naaaaah.   Back to my bilge!

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