Hmm,,,,let’s talk boat batteries real quick.  They’re not that hard but I’ve personally screwed up my boat batteries once and don’t want to do it again,,,,,so if this post could possibly help you, that’s what it’s for.  If you’re fairly poor like me,,,,,you probably have regular lead acid boat batteries and you might have the giant cell ones like me that take water to keep running,,,,,so they don’t dry out, overcharge and de-gass while you’re underway and you don’t lose ALL electrical power completely.  We did,,,,and it sucks.

First, if you don’t have the 2 quarter Lubrimatic automatic battery filler in the picture below,,,SPEND $16 dollars and get it,,,,it’s frickin magic.

You can get this at West Marine or on this link from Amazon.  (Full Disclosure- if you buy from the link I’ve provided, I make 1 cent)

Now look at the hole in my battery closely.  If you know your batteries, you’ll know you should be able to see water coming all the way up into camera view,,,but in this picture there isn’t any,,,,,cause it’s a bit low.  Using the automatic filler and some good old fashioned DISTILLED water, I promptly refilled it.  Don’t be a dumbass who uses regular water in your boat batteries, you’ll pay the price!

I’ve been a bit irregular with posts this last week but have snapped out of it and am back.  I’m excited to show you a $million dollar boat they let me on and what happens when you have to rip out all the floorboards of your boat to trace problems.  Stay with us!!

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  1. AGM’s mounted on their side on the centerline of the bulkhead by the engine is my plan.

      1. AGM batteries can be mounted upside down if you choose. Sealed and water free but sensitive to overcharging. A quality charger is needed for these.

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