Favorite Flippy-Floppies Eaten by Great Dane,,,,what would you do?

So I’m not just showing you a picture of an old pair of floppy-floppies, I’m showing you a picture of a pair of my favorite flip-flops after getting eaten by a Great Dane (when she should have been in a dormant sleepy state,,,,but wasn’t).   Take the embedded poll and tell me what you would do after you found these, strewn all over the living room.  I’ve since gone out and bought another a pair for myself and a pair for my wife,,,,since the business supports those who are less fortunate than us.  Combat Flip Flops is a veteran owned small business that was started on the premise that folks in war ravaged parts of the world could be put to work for a greater good and a profit (for them and the company).  Proceeds from the sales of these shoes goes to education of women in Laos and Afghanistan, de-mining in Laos and Cambodia and lots of other things.  The shoes are actually all made in these areas or with supplies from these areas,,,,like parts of 7.62 ammunition from Afghanistan and parts of old anti-personnel mines from Laos.  A friend told me about this company because they have really cool stuff and are socially responsible, so I like buying from them.

Disclaimer:  I have no financial part in this company,,,,but I wish I did.


130 Pounds of Great Dane,,,,Does she Look Like a Boat Dog?


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