Favorite Flippy-Floppies Eaten

Favorite Flippy-Floppies Eaten by Great Dane,,,,what would you do? So I’m not just showing you a picture of an old pair of floppy-floppies, I’m showing you a picture of a pair of my favorite flip-flops after getting eaten by a Great Dane (when she should have been in a dormant sleepy state,,,,but wasn’t).   Take […]

Financing the Dream: Sailboat and Cruising Cash

Have you thought through how you’re going to actually finance the dream,,,,the actual cash for that sailboat and then the cash for bluewater cruising? Or,,,,are you one of the folks who are sure that you can do it on a shoestring,,,,nearly no money,,,,make friends as you go, find work,,,,not much more than a vagrant?   […]