A Blog is a funny thing,,,,I’m working hard on consistency!

Soooo, I’ve been doing all this reading on how to blog better, hints to get more traffic, info to help with getting readers to identify with my blog and my “niche”.  One thing I see a lot is that consistency is key and that writing on a regular basis is important and getting stuff onto your blog is important too.  So, I’ve been trying.  This week, I found posts from some of the blogs I read the most that were outstanding,,,,,so I re-posted them so I could have consistency and get things on the blog that I liked,,,,so my mentality is to share them with others.  And some,,,,kind of tickle my sense of humor,,,,like Shiny Boobs!  So the Blog is a funny thing.  Sunday the 16th was one of the best days ever for readership and views on the blog,,,,,while today and yesterday were two of the worst days in two years for readership on the blog,,,,,,since my standards are going up when I write more.

It’s frustrating (remember,,,,I’m male,,,,,Type A,,,,and like pictures),,,,but if you’re reading this and you’re the same way,,,,,ya gotta realize that this is just part of the whole blogging thing and I need to realize it as well.  I’m getting over it,,,,,I’m over it.  This stuff happens and I can’t predict which posts will go viral or get read by lots of folks,,,,but I know I want to write consistently or post consistently if I can,,,,so I try.  I’m ok with re-posts,,,hell, the authors often send me messages and thank me for those re-posts.  But my goal is to get my own writing on my own blog as often as possible and get folks to stay with the blog so we can grow together,,,,,as I’d rather have 90 folks who read the blog than 9000 who just view the blog then don’t interact.  This is funny too,,,,,cause I have about 10 folks who interact with me through the darkness of cyberspace on a regular basis, and this is great.  I’m really glad to have folks who somehow found this blog and then stuck with us.  I’d love to have 100 great followers rather than 1000 folks who just glanced at the writing.

As we get closer to leaving the US to go bluewater cruising,,,,things will get more interesting.  We’re going to get our own Youtube channel and drone and look into satellite internet for the boat (if we can afford it).  Ok, enough ranting,,,,I’ve run out of white wine!!! Good night-

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  1. Alot of people who “follow” our blogs are only doing so to try to elicit our follows. As far as I’m concerned I only have about 35 people who consistently read or interact so don’t feel bad, just write.

  2. I do not try as hard as most to recruit followers. When writing a post I try to remind myself that it is mostly for me and if anyone else is interested than so be it. With that said I still feel disappointed when a post doesn’t generate any interest outside my little (tiny really) circle. I like this post, it sounds like you. Thanks for the Reblog and I am looking forward to your youtube work.

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