busy but no excuses-

Really wants to help,,,,a lot.

It’s been a hell of a week up here and at 9:21 pm as I write this, it’s 101 fucking degrees,,,,,which means everything’s hot.  My faithful assistant editor (see above) and I wanted to make sure you know we’re not blowing off the blog,,,but it’s been a week.  Should have been a semi-controlled week with my wife gone and the kids at summer camp, but everything at work broke loose this week and the temperatures don’t drop after dark anymore.  And,,,,normally we have dry heat meaning we can run the less expensive swamp coolers, but this week has been very hot AND muggy,,,,,meaning I have to run full A/C, a lot.

Question: Do you think an inanimate object that some think has a soul (like a boat or a car) should make you feel guilty for looking at other models?  I have no problems looking at other cars,,,,,I’ll say that up front.  I also know that if I looked at other models of women,,,,I would get in trouble and possibly die.

So,,,,we’ve gotten a few mild looks at our boat and I started looking at a few other boats on Yachtworld, which is an easy distraction occasionally that affords me research time,,,,,since I run a blog all about production boats and adventure travel and whatever else I come up with to put on my blog.  But I digress-   See, I started feeling guilty for looking at other boats before we sold ours,,,but quickly got over it.

My question for you is: Have you ever felt guilty looking at other boats or cars,,,,like you were cheating on the current one?  (And NO, don’t bring partners into the mix please).

Keep following, I’ll recover from the heat this weekend and actually have a decent post out soon.


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