Take the time to do a Guest Brief on your boat before you leave the dock.

Yep, it happened.  Take a good look at the picture below and let all the various scenarios play out in your little minds.  Yes,,,,Captain Bligh allowed folks on his boat without giving them the MANDATORY Guest Brief that covers who Captain Bligh really is and what he’ll make you do if you mess with things like switches, buttons or put things in the heads that don’t come out of you!  I can only imagine what’s gone into that head,,,,but I’ll soon find out,,,,cause someone like me has to fix the damn thing.  This is the price you pay for not briefing guests on the various goings on of a marine head.  And,,,,once you’ve had to reach into said head with a shopping bag on your hands that soon starts to leak and is NOT waterproof,,,,you’ll understand why you’ve just been initiated into the Platypus Club,,,,no pun intended.  Once your hot wife and guests see you elbow deep in a head and you’ve playing guess who just used that head,,,,,you’ll NEVER forget to brief your guests again on boat etiquette.  And they’ll never look at you the same way again,,,,cause all pride is lost at that point.

I’m not saying this has happened on my boat,,,,it’s a blog,,,,so some of it’s made up!


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