Here’s a unique perspective of the USS Midway that you can’t get from street level or her decks.  The only time you’ll see a view like this one is when it’s taken from another boat,,,on San Diego Bay.  The USS Midway is a special ship.  She’s currently a museum in the heart of the San Diego Waterfront and sits as a sentinel of freedom for everyone on the San Diego waterfront to take in.  I was married on her decks and I’ve been to a number of special events on her decks that I’ll never forget.  This photo was taken on the 2nd of July from Tulum IV.

USS Midway in perspective

I loved being back on the water again after months of working on the boat,,,more about that as we go on.  Take a look at the rest of our posts this week and I’ll post more on Saturday from the boat!

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