The San Diego International Boatshow is coming to San Diego, Ca from the 16th to the 18th of June (a great Father’s Day Activity) and LiveFree2SailFast will be there to observe and blog about it,,,,,can’t wait.

Open the link and check out the awesome Youtube Video all about the boat show, it’s pretty awesome- Boatshow video Link

Lest we forget,,,,we also owe you trip reports from the Pacific Sail and Powerboat Show  in Richmond, Ca and the Newport In-Water Boat Show in Newport Beach, Ca that we’ve been too in the last couple of months.

The San Diego International Boatshow might be the last one of the season for the LF2SF Crew,,,,as wife is getting a bit tired of boat show weekends and we can only pawn the children off on the grandparents soooo many times.  But,,,,for this coming Fathers Day Weekend, the San Diego International Boatshow has a Tiki-Bar on the boat docks that offers spectacular people watching and great lunch,,,,it’s something like a MUST DO boat show for fun Southern California types like,,,,me and hotwife!


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