Monday was Memorial Day and we wanted to take the girls to something that would be both fun and a reminder of the true nature of Memorial Day,,,,and be able to donate to a good cause while doing something semi-athletic.  We found the perfect event in San Diego at (former Naval Training Center) NTC, Liberty Station in the Undefeated EOD Warrior 5K Fundraiser (with a 1K for the girls).  While at the event, I was reminded of the all the various resources out there for both active duty and veterans,,,,,but the biggest problem I see is how to access those services.  One way is to just talk to them at these events,,,,google them,,,or realize you might need some help and go find those resources.  On my soapbox for a second: Do you ever hear about all the money folks donate to Wounded Warrior Foundation,,,,then stop to ask yourself where all that money goes???  I prefer the grassroots organizations like I met at this event and know about from other venues,,,,,there’s literally a whole gamut of help and assistance out there, just plug into it!  Here’s a few I talked to at the EOD Warrior 5k:– these guys support the modern-day warrior with a full gamut of services and programs-  check out their site for more info-– This foundation uses mentoring to build character and strength in youth.–  This organization uses a specific program with horses and actual doctors of patients to find connection.  I was pretty impressed.  The gentlemen at this organization took the time to talk to me about the possibility of connecting sailing, big boats and veterans via a 501 (c) foundation in order to use sailing as a possible treatment venue for PTSD and other physical challenges.

Lastly, not from this weekend but I need to take the time to mention this worthy organization, a friend connected me to the founder of   This organization highlights active duty and veteran suicide and has made it a goal to stop this terrible trend in our country.  Their resources are growing as is their important message.  I was honored to start texting the founder of this organization and once we get the boat moved and settled, we’re going to get him and his family out for a weekend sail.

Memorial Day energy has reinvigorated the kernel of thoughts on starting a grassroots organization to get active duty and veterans into sailboats, starting some kind of a journey toward healing much like the Pegasus Rising Program does using horses.  A Sailboat and the Ocean have unseen benefits that have helped me tremendously.  I think I could leverage my own boat, small boat fleets around San Diego and various other larger boats to create stable and ongoing opportunities for veterans in a place with great sailing, great climate, large group of active duty and veterans and plenty of folks who would be willing to instruct to leverage this as an opportunity.

All in All, neither me or my wife did blazing 5k’s, but our daughters did very well in their first 1k’s.  We’re going to continue to do events as a family that give money to good causes and start slowly working our way into better shape.

More to follow-

This post is a beginning to this project and I know the writing and thought process are not perfect or well-refined, but give this a chance.  It’s a kernel starting to take some kind of shape.

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