I’ve read and re-read this story several times and was determined to find a right way to put it out.  For me, this is an important post to read carefully and heed the warning within it.  The author makes a great point about really assessing what you want to do and start building milestones toward it, so read the story and see what you can take from it.  Within the blog, I’ve started a new Category, labeled Steps Forward.  I’ll use it to keep you updated on things we’ve doing or milestones achieved and covered as we walk toward our goal of blue-water cruising.  Have a great read-

I hesitated to post this today, but… exactly two years ago today I had a heart attack. The following Monday (19 May 2015), I would be in cardiac surgery for open heart, aortic valve replacement “procedure”. (Edited – I thought today was the day I had the surgery. My wife reminded me it was Wednesday […]

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