I remember Memorial Day.  It’s not just some cheap beer and barbecue soaked holiday for me.  But I’m not going on a rant about that during this post, I can rant about it in my own head just fine.  I want to take the time in this post to thank those who have sacrificed so much during their time serving their country in one way or the other, so that others could have freedom.  And,,,be careful, cause you might not know all the sacrifices in health or sanity that others have made, so don’t make assumptions.

For my own friends and family, I just want to say thanks.  My own father, uncle and father-in-law are veterans.   These three gentlemen served their country in Vietnam and although they don’t all follow this blog, it doesn’t matter, because they will always be heroes to me.

We know many other veterans who we call family and friends,,,,so I want to take the time to thank them too.  Way too many to name here, so here’s a few folks that I want to reach out to by name and thank for their service or their support of veterans:  Andy R, Ronnie B, Blake@objectivezero.org, Bob N, Mike S, Kane H, Rhonda H, Ali N and Rob K, Michelle L, Camille L, Marisol, Rob P, Sean P, Melissa and Morgan R, John V, David Young Stud and Dan L.  Most of the folks on this list have served in times of war and peace; but for the most part you would never know their heroics unless you actually sat down and got to know them well enough to know what they did counted at the right time.  From the Special Forces Helicopter Pilot away from his young family to the Navy Supply Officer to the Nurse serving her country in Guantanamo Bay; to the busy Marine XO who had Diet Coke stashed under his desk in Fallujah, to the young Marine Officer who had to leave his boat to deploy overseas to the more experienced Warrant Officer who loves his Marine Corps and always has a COLD beer for me at the docks and finally to the various pilots on the list,,,,and the rest who’ve served this country,,,all I can say is thanks.  The folks mentioned above and so many others have done what was needed when their country called and with few complaints.  They’re heroes to me.

I was also going to mention by name a number of bloggers who have military family or are veterans themselves, but refrained.  For those of you who have military family or are veterans, thank you.

Happy Memorial Day, we are running a charity 5k today and embracing the freedom bought so dearly for us.

PS: If I missed any veterans who follow and didn’t recognize you, I’m so sorry, please don’t take it as a slight.

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