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I decided I wanted to re-blog this story about Annie working on her Captain’s License using Mariner’s Learning System.  I’ve heard lots of great things about Captain Figular and Mariner’s Learning System from someone I used to work with; who I respect very much, who also took the test after using the same study system.  He passed with flying colors and he highly recommended using the same system to study for the Coast Guard Test.  After thinking through the whole process and knowing how crazy my own life is sometimes, I thought I would have to go a different way.  In a past life I came literally within one class of finishing my Masters Degree while doing online night classes, but just didn’t finish in the 7 (YES, seven) year timeline required to finish a whole Masters Program.  There were interruptions that I couldn’t help during those years so I came within one class from finishing.  Yes, I regret not finishing but I’ve moved on.  So, knowing about my own study habits, I went to a two week actual classroom setting at the Maritime Institute in San Diego.  It was fantastic and I met some really great people in the class from all over the United States.  I didn’t think it would be a big class, but there were 20 other students,,,,most with more experience than me.  I actually learned the material.  It WAS NOT a giveaway test, it was hard. I nearly failed, but did pass all the modules of the test after all.  I’ve included Annie’s story below and the links to my past stories.

If you like her writing, give her blog a look and consider following her.  Her site is: Have Wind Will Travel.

Tow lights, fog horns, distress signals … OH MY! As many of you know, I am currently studying for my Captain’s License and *man* is some of this stuff mind-boggling. I chose to do the study-at-your-own-pace program through Mariner’s Learning System and have been very pleased with the decision. Captain Bob Figular who runs the […]


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  1. Thank you Son of a Sailor. I am certainly enjoying the learning process and excited to be working toward such a fun and rewarding goal!

    1. Annie:

      Hi, wow, so excited to hear back from you, great that you’re working toward that, after your Atlantic crossing, you’ve got the hours dialed in. You’ll do fine. If you want a pic of the study sheet the course gave us, let me know and I’ll email a pic to you, might help,,,as you’re allowed three blank pieces of paper per test. If you can memorize the colors, some study hints etc, you can write them out for the Rules of the Road and the Navigation portion. Chad

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