A few quick comments about “Re-Blogging or Pressing” Posts to tell stories, illustrate points or just let you read stuff that’s done well and conveys great info.  YES, I totally do this and have no problems doing it, as it’s my own blog.  I hope you take the chance to read what I choose to re-blog or press, because in general it will be worth it.  This week, I’m going to feature one of these pressed or re-blogged stories each day for the next couple days.  They are stories of triumph over incredible odds,,,most of you don’t know if you have not followed or know the people personally,,,and that’s what it’s all about, the PEOPLE featured in each post who wrote the post and conveyed their stories.  I think that’s pretty freaking awesome and encourage you to read and heed the messages in each story I post.

To all of you from countries all over the world who choose to follow this tiny blog, thanks, keep it up.  I challenge you to get 1 (one) of each of your friends to take a look at this blog and see if they like it enough to follow it,,,,they might like it!

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