Last of the RMS Rhone Series

Very likely, this should have been the first post in the series, but since I’m a bit unmoored in my writing style and I wanted you to truly get the feel for what it would have been like; to have been on that ill-fated ship, then dive her.  I’m ending the series by showing you what the whole wreck looks like today,,,,from mapping pictures,,,,then giving you the links to the rest of the series if you want to go back and read them,,,,and see the photos.  Here we go:

The whole wreck, looking toward Salt Island (land).

Rhone Bow Sections, which allow you to enter the hull and dive through

Mid-Section and Stern, usually the second portion dived, in shallower water.

Stern Portion of the RMS Rhone

RMS Rhone, in the background.

Here’s the stories with dive photos I’ve published previously in this series:

Me and my wife have dove this wreck twice and our crack LF2SF reporter went out and dove the wreck in January.  All the times we’ve been on the wreck visibility was good, but the giant grouper you see in some of the videos on YouTube died some years back, a real bummer.  There are still large groupers and barracuda on the wreck, the lucky porthole is there and the Captain’s spoon is all still there for divers to see.  If you get the chance, this wreck is awesome and the BVI’s are a great place to go sail.  And, this post finally finishes my 3-part series on diving the RMS Rhone in the BVI

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7 thoughts on “Last of the RMS Rhone Series

    • Ok, going to piss off the husband with this-

      Tell your hubby you want to go on vacation to the British Virgin Islands, leave the kids or take them,,,,,get a bareboat cruise,,,,if you can’t sail, get a powerboat,,,have a blast! Chad

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      • Ha ha. He’d be pissed off, but love it at the same time. Maybe we will put that on our wish list for next year. That sounds AMAZING. He would actually love that so much. The Coast Guard in him loves the water.

        In 45 days we leave for a 14 day once in a lifetime trip to Canada and take a cruise to Alaska 7 of those days. Can’t wait, but I am missing the south and the beaches. We usually go to the Gulf each spring.


      • Thanks. I am hoping that all that beautiful country and adventure with untangle this writer’s block I’ve been stuck in for 2 weeks. Ha.


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