I realized what it was as we descend the gangplank toward the docks behind the San Diego boatyard where Tulum IV is currently slipped.  The sight of stately spars, the smell of the salt air from the sea, the wafting smell of diesel engines and moving boats and the cries of the seagulls hanging near the fishing boats; I’ve been missing the sea.  The sea is a fickle mistress, often calling but not always listening.  We took the time this weekend to get back down to Tulum IV to take a quick look at some spaces on her, see if the work had been done on the Sealand Pumps and do a quick cleanup.

This was how I had to leave one of the pumps last time I was on the boat,,,,coming back this time, both the forward and stern pumps were fixed better than new and cycled perfectly as we tested them.  I’m happy about it.  We’re now waiting for the estimate on minor repairs to the dodger from our canvas guy, “Memo” and will get some those minor things fixed.  After that, we’ll basically have no more major issues on the boat,,,,and surprisingly the boat will be in better shape than when we bought it.  Some of these things go all the way back to when we bought the boat and we just lived with them the whole time we’ve owned her.  We’re pretty hardy people and can laugh off,,,or live with a lot of minor details that are not perfect.  But I learned a hard lesson the last time the boat was surveyed.  Even though we had a great price on the boat, the buyer walked away because of several issues that were important to the buyer, but may have not been so important to me.  You don’t always know or understand a buyers motivation, so fixing some of these relatively minor issues ahead of time may have saved that sale.  It’s my fault, but I’ve corrected those issues now and have written about several of the others.  See the link below for my thoughts about my A/C system,,,which always worked perfectly.


We’ve looking forward to the boat selling now that she’s in tip top shape,,,,as we probably won’t do much more to her,,,,there’s not a lot to do except maintain her in excellent condition.  But, we are going to move to a new slip eventually.

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