My friend Brian is on a 3 week vacation taking his boat down the ICW.  He did 9 straight hours downwind today, an epic run on his 36″ ft boat, making it all the way to an epic pirate hangout there on the ICW on the East Coast of the United States.  One of his texts to me today reminded me of a funny but true lesson in things we have to employ,,,,or I’ve heard are employed to keep folks from anchoring too near the boat.  I have not experienced it much lately, but I remember as a kid and in the BVI,,,,,some folks just like to snuggle up close when anchoring and it’s not appropriate in an open anchorage with lots of room.    Some folks just don’t seem to understand the duel meanings of privacy and swing room, so there’s a few key tactics employed by my friend Brian, us on Tulum IV and several other boats I know to “encourage” folks to anchor farther away.  No matter if you’re on the ICW or in the BVI,,,,these tactics seem to work,,,,read on:

#5.  In a nice mellow way,,,,letting the other boat getting know that you have 200-300 feet of chain out, then watching to see if that boat comprehends what that means? 
Some Boats actually know how much chain they have out and how this will affect their swing room.
#4.  You and your partner standing on the deck with your arms crossed, watching the other boat as they start their anchor run.
#3.  Quietly encouraging your 7 and 5-year-old to start re-inacting one of Lost Boy Scenes from Peter Pan,,,,to music,,,on the front deck of the boat.
Quiet Children
#2.  Using a little known technique involving snacks and the promise of dolphins,,,,you rouse the 130 pounds of puppy play love sleeping on her doggy bed well hidden in the cockpit,,,,to come play on the front deck,,,,as the other folks have started anchoring,,,,,waaaay too near you.
130 Pounds of Great Dane,,,,secret weapon
#1.  Although I do not encourage this method nor do I endorse or sponsor it from this website, I have heard from others it’s highly successful,,,,but should be used sparingly:  As a last result if a boat is anchoring too near you and there are no loud children or large loud dogs to set loose,,,I’ve heard that this works every time-  You and/or your partner standing on the deck with your arms crossed, watching the other boat as they start their anchor run,,,,,naked,,,,,(tends to ward them off).

Note:  This method will backfire if you or your partner are hot. 

Ok,,,,I’m smiling just writing this text, but they work.  If you like us, stick with us.

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