Happy Mothers Day 2017

Happy Mothers Day, your light shines on us all.

To all the Mom’s out there, Happy Mothers Day.  You are the ones who “bear the children then get back to business”,,,as Beyonce says so well.  Honestly, men have no idea what you go through while you are bearing the children.  To those of you who have children in high-tech hospitals to the women I’ve seen who literally have nowhere to go  to have their children but the dirt floor of their clay and mud houses, child-birth continues as it has for centuries.  Thanks to the mom’s who read this blog and stay with us as we continue to wade through various adventures.

I was thinking through what I would share on this blog today,,,on Mother’s Day.  I decided to share a moment in time from Christmas 2015;  when I gave my wife a present that I was sure would make her happy and excited as it directly effected the security and safety of our boat.  However, the plan didn’t work as expected.  The present was more mine than hers,,,,although I named it in her honor.  Now that the episode is over,,,,it’s pretty funny to look back on, but then she wasn’t very enthused over it.  Even the normal existing veneer of hospitality that exists in our household during the Christmas gift season wore off that December 24th evening, as she tried to grasp why in God’s name her husband had given her this gift as her main Christmas present.  Soon enough,,,,,we’ll put it to the test.    Take a look through the link to see the original story of “Shiny Michelle”, then take a look at her picture below.


To this day, Shiny Michelle rides on our bow, and I still think she was a great buy and will protect my family or whoever decides to purchase the boat with no problems, as it’s oversized for the boat with plenty of chain (300 ft).

Have a wonderful, safe and peaceful Mother’s Day.

Tulum coming out of the water for her new bottom paint. Shiny Michelle on the Bow.



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