On a Boat,,,be careful with hoses (not hoes) connected to through-hulls, even if they’re just outgoing hoses.   Take a look at my picture, then read below so you don’t get hosed too!!!

Once we had the Freshwater Pump problem figured out (next blog), the very handsome and charming friend helping me decided to test the water pressure by allowing the main sink to run for a bit.  This led us to quickly figure out there was a leak in the bottom of the main sink (now fixed better than new).  However, while taking off the main outgoing hose line to the sink, I forgot that it’s through-hull was still open, and once that hose went below water line,,,,,it started to gush,,,,,all over the place.  This picture doesn’t even show you half the water that came out of that damn hose, until I was able to close the through-hull.  After drying the whole galley for a while, I was able to continue work.  AND,,,,since I was staying somewhere with a washer and drying, I was quickly able to get the pretty boat towels cleaned and back on the boat.  Yep, another once of my working on boat adventures,,,,,tomorrow we can discuss more-

Stick with us,,thanks for reading!!!

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