Dear Boat Surveyor:

So that we don’t have another problem with the Air Conditioning on my sailboat in the future, could you do me a favor and look at the picture of the panel above.  During the last survey done on my boat,,,,,you found a problem with the  Air Conditioning System, in front of your client and the prospective buyer of my boat.  The system wasn’t getting cold, but it was on and blowing.  I missed the mistake with the switches (my fault),  but maybe you should have caught it?  When you turn on the system in my sailboat,,,,you have to turn on either the FWD or AFT system,,,,,,AND the Air Conditioning Relay Switch to get cold air.  Without the Air Conditioning Relay Switch to the on position, the whole thing just simply blows like a fan.  Among some of the other very minor things that were found,,,,I spent a couple of days off work last week either fixing or starting to fix those things.  I’ll discuss in upcoming posts,,,including several lessons learned.

No matter if the boat is for sale or not,,,I’m continually improving the boat,,,,won’t stop till the day she sells.  That’s just how it is,,,,she’s ours even if she’s for sale, so we might as well make her better.

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