Simple Question:   How do you recharge your personal or spiritual batteries?

For me, it’s time with my family , time on the boat or time traveling (we have lots of wanderlust as a family).  What a privilege it was to be able to spend an hour or so with my family and a couple of our best friends on the boat over the weekend.  We talked about nothing,,,,and everything as the kids played and explored the boat.  Even though she’s for sale, she’s still a place to come relax and take in the setting sun.  Our Boat isn’t our Gin Palace, as we love to sail her and get her into the wind to show her stuff, but this weekend we were more than contented to relax and hang with friends in Tulum IV’s expansive cockpit.

Since the boat is for sale, I often read and research ways to help potential buyers with their buying decisions, since it’s NOT all financial and a used boat will never be perfect.  It’s about getting a boat that’s right for you!  I was messing about on the internet today and took the time to find two of my very favorite articles from when I was looking to buy Tulum,,,,both of which seemed to resonate with me.  I found that both articles spoke to me as a seller as much as they did when I was a buyer, therefore providing great information.

The first article is from a favorite site:, and has his step by step and often funny guide to buying a boat from start to finish.  This article is a must read for someone buying a boat or perhaps starting to think of selling it, just to realize the mindset and some buying tips.

Second article is from The Multihull Company.  Not something you may always see on a blog whose owner has a monohull, but the article is perfect for anyone buying and selling.  Titled “Post Survey Negotiations” this article talks about the art of what happens AFTER a survey.  What I like best are his boat ratings: “Near Perfect, Average, Bad”.  I’ve never been anywhere near a Near Perfect or Bad Survey,,,,but all the surveys I have been around have been Average.  I think on used boats,,,no matter power, sail, multi or mono hull,,,,if they’re used and older than two years,,,,you’re gonna find something wrong.   It boils down to if you can fix it or if you’re willing to get it fixed.  Make sure you don’t walk away,,,,,negotiate it out like the Post Survey Article recommends.  Walking away is a waste of your money and the sellers time,,,which will show bad form.

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  1. I recharge by taking me kiddo and going on a nature drive. There’s a lot of really cool rivers around here that are so clear you can see the rocks on the bottom. I realize this is a post about boats, but it resonates with other things as well. For 6 months we have been searching for the perfect house, but don’t want to have a big mortgage. This post is a great reminder that used may not be perfect, but it may be exactly what we need. Thank you.

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