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The aopinionatedman website has given us smaller bloggers a venue to use as a catalog, meeting place, idea generator and general meet and greet space with his monthly Meet and Greet Posts.  He welcomes you to forward, copy, press or re-blog these posts like I’ve done in order to get them out to others.  He’s doing something right,,,,,with about 55,000 followers.  Check out the link below to peek into this catalog and if you’re a blogger, perhaps you want to leave your info?  I also welcome you to press, re-blog, copy or use this post to reach out to others, perhaps they would like to peek into this catalog of great writers?

Also, I’ve started guest blogging on RobertaPimentel.com.  The link goes to the site: Roberta Pimentel

Source: WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

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    1. Thank you. I emailed in one of your comment sections to ask if you allow or take guest bloggers. I think with a site with as many followers as yours you probably get these questions alot from folks like me, so I’m not at all offended if it’s a simple no. But, if you do allow it, I would look for a regular day or two I could be a guest blogger and if you don’t like my content I can do travel, fitness or a variation of what I do on my own site, but I’ll reach a different crowd on yours- And, I can never be competition, not the same content and it’s a big blogosphere-

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