Ugghhhh, the Coast Guard Licensing process is slow and really backed up right now, so I’m still waiting on my actual Coast Guard License.  But, lots of progress.  Since taking my class in January, my package/application for Captain’s License has made it through the Processing Center in Long Beach and was forwarded to the US Coast Guard National Maritime Center.  This place is the clearinghouse for ALL US Merchant Mariner credentials, even for us folks who only want to get a “Six Pack” or 100 Ton License.  My package has worked its way through the various wickets.  I was thrilled when it cleared the medical portion, then I received my actual Merchant Mariner Medical Credential in the mail.  Recently, my package moved from Ready to be Evaluated to Being Evaluated for Professional Qualifications.  This stage is where the rubber meets the road, they evaluate the boats/ships you’ve been on and your sea time.  If you don’t pass this stage,,,,you have to go back and start finding Captain’s Logs and other information to prove your sea time, a long process.

Graphic on the process is below:

Captain’s Licensing process through the National Maritime Center

We (as a family) continue to work to improve Tulum IV even if she’s for sale and move toward our ultimate goal of cruising Central America, the Caribbean and over to the Med.  We’re getting there, slowly.

Here’s more info from some other stuff on my Captain’s License:

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