Blindly seeing and accepting what you think is around you is a dangerous game.  You need to get perspective by realizing folks often have more going on than what you know and may manifest things in ways you don’t always understand.  Take the picture I’ve posted below and observe it.  Gain perspective on what you think it is and how it got to the ocean floor?  Think through what it’s story might be? Then realize and accept it might NOT be what you think-

Lucky Porthole

The Porthole shown in the photo above is the only surviving porthole with glass still in it from the wreck of the RMS Rhone, sank in 1867 during a hurricane with more than 160 souls on board, many of them lashed to their beds due to the ferocity of the hurricane.   Many things are known about this wreck from the survivors, but there are several important details you may have a hard time finding on the internet,,,,,but would learn about if you were there and dove her.  There’s fantastic Youtube video’s of the diving,  one set to Enya and very haunting,,,,or you can watch the movie the “Deep” from the 1970’s which prominently features the Rhone and the worlds first wet t-shirt shot on the big screen.

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