Uhhh, I usually come home at night and write posts to be published the next morning,,,but I am totally exhausted tonight.  You remember the old jingle from the commercial for Men’s Warehouse,,,,”What a difference a day makes”?  Well, what a difference some bottom paint and TLC have made to our boat.  Tulum’s Bottom Paint Job is finished, and she looks fantastic.  I’m pretty impressed with how she came out, considering I was dreading the bill and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Keep in mind that the boat had not had a new bottom job for at least four years,,,,but I’m religious about keeping her bottom clean monthly by professionals, so while it may kind of look grody in the photos, it’s not that bad.   But after bottom paint,,,,wow, she’s dressed to the “9’s” and looks ready to roll:

Hull before 2nd power wash and painting, after complete safety check-

Hull After 1st Coat, what a difference!

Bow Thruster, pre-painting

Bow Thruster After Painting

Rudder, before power wash and painting-

Same Rudder, new attitude!

Dirty Screw, ready for some love- (see the Shaft Shark!)


Same Screw, less dirty and more polished, (with Shaft Shark). Screw has also been realigned and tested.

One keel view, pre-painting

Another view, pre-paint


Ahhh, with paint and TLC, ready to sail-

All in All, I’d say the bottom paint was a great investment.



Bottom Paint really does make a difference

4 thoughts on “Bottom Paint really does make a difference

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